Perhaps the most predictable law enforcement and public safety contact will be when less independent autistic children, adolescents and adults are reported missing.

Their limited self help skills increase the danger and urgency of search and rescue operations.This ten-minute video tells the story of autism and elopement and the deadly risks water, traffic and other elements in the environment pose to this vulnerable population and offers search & rescue tips and advice for policing and public safety professionals. Ten minutes. Tips and advice for policing and public safety professionals handout included.

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ASD, Missing Persons, Search and Rescue

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Brief Background:

The North Carolina Joint Legislative Study Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Law Enforcement, Public Safety, and First Responders was established in 2005 and reappointed in 2007 by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives. The committee was authorized to study the availability and appropriateness of autism-specific training and education for law enforcement personnel, community colleges, public safety personnel, first responder units, judges, district attorneys, defense attorneys, magistrates, and related organizations.

The charge of the committee was to make recommendations to the General Assembly based on their findings. The General Assembly appropriated a grant to fund a training video to raise awareness of autism within the judicial system.

The 26-minute digital format video Autism In The Criminal Justice System was produced by Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC for use by the University of North Carolina School of Government and other legal organizations in consultation with UNC Division TEACCH to develop continuing legal education training regarding the identification, safety and needs of those with autism in their communities.

Citizens with autism should feel safe, understood and supported in their communities by public authorities who protect, serve and find fair justice for all.

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