Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC (DLP) is a video production partnership formed in 2004 that is dedicated to providing the finest in professional training tools for autism education and awareness.

Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC (DLP) is a video production partnership formed in 2004 that is dedicated to providing the finest in professional training tools for autism education and awareness. DLP’s autism training videos have since helped revolutionize training for law enforcement, first response and criminal justice professionals throughout North America. DLP’s videos illustrate autism-related safety and risk and 21st century training issues for law enforcement and first response agencies. DLP videos can help ensure and enhance officer, responder and citizen safety and the management of your agency’s time, resources and liability.

The following feature is from HBO & The Night of Too Many Stars benefit for Next For Autism:

Check out the full length clip here: The Night of Too Many Stars

Autism risk and safety specialist, Dennis Debbaudt, and Emmy Award-winning news editor/videographer, Dave Legacy, have combined their expertise in subject matter, field interviewing, and documentary production experiences to produce the Autism & Law Enforcement Roll Call Briefing, Autism, Fire-Rescue and Emergency Medical Services, and Autism in the Criminal Justice System videos. DLP’s video library contains over 70 hours of autism risk and safety related interviews, illustrations and scenarios filmed in California, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts and Michigan since 2004.


What people are saying about Debbaudt Legacy Productions videos:

Mary Otto Oregon Police Corps, Boring, Oregon says: “The video Autism and Law Enforcement provides a quick and engaging education in autism that can help increase safety for both officers and individuals with autism, as well as minimize the potential for litigation that could occur as a result of a misunderstanding. Interviews and vignettes involving people with autism concretely convey the reality of how challenging they can be to interact with and how vulnerable to crime and exploitation they are…”

John M. Skinner, Chief, Port St. Lucie, Florida, Police Department says: “Chief executives in the 21st century face incredible challenges meeting training needs of their respective agencies. Since September 11, 2001, federal, state, and local training mandates have warranted tremendous attention for chief executives. Nonetheless, meeting the seemingly endless needs of other in-service training issues cannot be ignored. Short duration videos viewed at roll calls represent one avenue law enforcement…”

Autism On-Scene Response Cards

Designed for law enforcement and first response field use.

Contains key communication and response information for first responders.

Can be used by children and adults with autism, parents and care providers as an on-scene handout.

Autism & Law Enforcement Online Training

DLP is proud to announce licensing agreements in Massachusetts and Nova Scotia for our Autism & Law Enforcement Online training course. Developed from Debbaudt’s 20-year history of research and reporting on the field interactions between law enforcement professionals and persons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Autism & Law Enforcement Online also reflects Debbaudt’s eighteen years of law enforcement training room experience presenting this subject matter throughout North America.

Autism & Law Enforcement Online can be adapted to include client messages, logos, additional subject matter, localized narration and delivered in best quality for your online software program. Autism & Law Enforcement Online features video illustrations from the DLP video library of ASD and law enforcement related issues, scenarios, and curriculum that is ready for approval for state certification credits. It includes model pre and post test questions and answers. All materials are referenced and ready to go.

The process is simple: DLP licenses our printed subject matter and broadcast quality video to place on your software and web site. Site license is based on duration of license and geographic area population.

Direct Inquiries to: Dennis Debbaudt at 772-398-9756 or via email:

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