Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC (DLP) is a video production partnership formed in 2004 that is dedicated to providing the finest in professional training tools for autism education and awareness.

Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC (DLP) is a digital video production partnership formed in 2004 that is dedicated to providing law enforcement, public safety & criminal justice agencies the finest in professional training tools for autism spectrum disorder (ASD) education and awareness. DLP’s autism training videos have since helped revolutionize autism training video for law enforcement, first response and criminal justice professionals throughout North America. DLP’s videos illustrate autism-related safety and risk, 21st century training issues and practical resolutions for law enforcement and pubic safety agency training professionals. DLP videos will help ensure and enhance officer, responder and citizen safety and the management of law enforcement, public safety and criminal justice agency time, resources and liability.

Debbaudt Legacy Productions Training Video Licensing 

In honor and celebration of U.S. Autism Acceptance & Awareness Month (April), Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC announces the release of the DLP Autism Digital Training Video License at an introductory price of $400.00 USD! 

Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC is proud to release the following 2019 titles for inclusion in our DLP Digital Training Video licensing opportunity:

  • Autism & Law Enforcement
  • Autism, Fire-Rescue & Emergency Medical Services
  • Autism & Suspicious Person Calls
  • ASD, Missing Persons, Search & Rescue
  • Autism & Victim-Witness Interview
  • Autism & Wandering: Escape From Campus

Introductory Priced Basic License

Price: $400.00 USD

Are you searching for current, relevant, sustainable and memorable autism and law enforcement curriculum and digital video content? Search no more for up-to-date, copyright protected, licensed autism and law enforcement training support & digital video illustrations. 

Our basic license opportunity includes the above titles in addition to Autism & Law Enforcement, Autism, Fire-Rescue and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and selected DLP autism & public safety educational public service announcements (PSA) for over 90-minutes of produced scenario-based and educational video. The license also includes additional access to selections from DLP’s extensive sixteen year autism risk & safety related digital film library perfect for multimedia (PowerPoint or Keynote presentations) relevant handouts and direct assistance in editing advice and clip selection for DLP digital video and general advice for live training room presentations.

Curriculum development for emerging, high risk and vulnerable populations can be difficult and time consuming. With that in mind, Debbaudt Legacy Productions continues to  produce autism-specific digital video scenarios that illustrate crisis management, social intelligence and critical thinking training objectives. Memorable video encourages discussion in the training room and provides set up scenarios and situations that help instructors engage and inform their students. DLP digital videos get audience attention at every training session when used by experienced in-house or selected instructors and within approved agency training programs.

Click for Promotional clips for DLP’s Autism & Law Enforcement, Autism, Fire-Rescue and EMS digital videos.

Please view Promotional for DLP’s 2019 releases below:

Autism & Suspicious Person Calls

Suspicious person contacts involving persons with autism are predictable and fraught with risk. This scenario illustrates autism recognition, verbal and nonverbal communication, investment of on scene time, information processing, interviewing and decision making dilemmas while offering officer and citizen safety tips, communication advice and much more.

Creative editing and on screen text captures every student’s attention and spurs training room discussion. Ten minutes total run time. Suggested video edit points, instructor tips and video handout included with every digital video.

ASD, Missing Persons, Search & Rescue

Perhaps the most predictable law enforcement and public safety contact will be when less independent autistic children, adolescents and adults are reported missing. 
Their limited self help skills increase the danger and urgency of search and rescue operations.

This ten-minute video tells the story of autism and elopement and the deadly risks water, traffic and other elements in the environment pose to this vulnerable population and offers search & rescue tips and advice for policing and public safety professionals. Ten minutes. Tips and advice for policing and public safety professionals handout included.

Autism & Victim – Witness Interview

This historic autism video features RCMP Corporal Walter Coles’ interview of victim-witness Ivan Chan and demonstrates a law enforcement professional’s savvy and willingness to try a different approach.

The interview was conducted in 1988, long before autism specific advice and techniques were developed for police interviewers. It is now considered an anchor learning piece for use in preparation for autism and law enforcement victim-witness interviews.

Ivan’s description of his sexual victimization is disturbing and graphic in nature. This video should only be viewed by adults and with full and prior disclosure of its content. Eleven minutes. ASD  & Interview handout included.

Autism & Wandering: Escape From Campus

When Daniel made his decision to leave his middle school campus, his daring nature was on full display. So was his inability to recognize and take steps to manage deadly risks. This video highlights the danger of wandering, the role fate can play in our lives and emotional interviews with Daniel’s mom, two Good Samaritans and a police officer who stepped in to help.

Dangerous escapes by autistic individuals away from educational, health care, therapeutical and recreational campuses have resulted in death, injury and liability exposure for any agency and person charged with the care of less independent individuals with autism. Ten minutes. Safety planning handout included.

Debbaudt Legacy Productions Training Video Support

The DLP Digital Training Video allows an agency authorized instructor to present a fully produced, complete video to students for a broader contextual view  and the ability to easily place a selected clip to match a more narrow-focused learning objective at a particular place within a PowerPoint, Keynote or other multimedia presentation. Learners in the 21st century respond well to short duration, faster-paced audiovisual illustration and instruction. Short duration clips can be repeated, for example, to illustrate verbal and nonverbal communications dilemmas, difficulties and nuance autistic individuals may present during real life interactions and illustrate suggested communications adjustments for the students.

The DLP Training Video License content is designed for half, full and multiple day training as well as one to two hour or shorter training, briefing or conference session. DLP digital video expands opportunities for training instructors and curriculum developers to keep up with the faster pace of today’s learner or offer a longer, in depth view depending on the situation. The DLP Training Video License comes with Dennis Debbaudt’s 24-years of autism-related training room experience for support and Dave Legacy’s clear technical advice and assistance for editing DLP video. DLP’s mission is a commitment to assist and enhance the creative training development process for each agency and instructor that exceeds every expectation. DLP commits to releasing periodic upgrades and new video content during the term of the license. We welcome your feedback as we develop new educational video.

DLP Basic Digital Training Video License Terms

The DLP Training Video Basic License will be issued to client agency after the introductory period payment of $400.00 and an agency representative’s signed acknowledgement to the terms included in Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC Video Licensing Agreement is received. DLP will provide a receipt, the six video titles and support materials through a secure digital file service to the email address provided by client. Purchase order documentation to attention of Dennis Debbaudt email:

DLP clients are urged to create a file to store the digital video files and backup the video files on separate digital storage devices. In addition, test the video files for image and audio quality and insert one of the digital video files into PowerPoint, Keynote or other computer-based presentation software to ensure compatibility. 

Once the signed DLP Video Licensing Agreement is received and payment confirmed, DLP will countersign and date the Licensing Agreement and provide a two month course preparation grace period to client before the two-year basic license begins. This essentially extends the license to twenty-six months. Licensee agrees to not publish on the internet, give away, sell, broadcast on television, cable or satellite television, or transfer to VHS, DVD or digital formats, or provide or distribute the video to any other person or other agency, or allow filming of any DLP licensed digital video at public or private presentations without the written permission and agreement of Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC of Port Saint Lucie, Florida. Licensee’s failure to adhere to this agreement may result in revocation of this license by Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC and Debbaudt Legacy Productions, LLC may pursue legal remedies against licensee.

DLP client agencies may include federal, state, county or municipality law enforcement, police and public safety agencies, training academies, university or college police, fire-rescue, emergency medical services training instructors, school districts, school resource and safety agencies, state developmental, mental health and public health agencies, criminal and juvenile justice agencies, correctional agencies, disaster preparedness agencies, Medical Reserve Corps, Citizen Emergency Response Teams, governmental agencies with training responsibilities, autism advocacy organizations and non profit agencies with training mandates. DLP’s client will identify the in-house or selected instructor for the course and identify the geographic area where training will occur. The basic license extends to out of state or country conference sessions of two hours or less.

For larger and non U.S. agencies training departments and consortiums with multiple qualified instructors and/or regional, state or country wide training coverage, or any agency offering distance, e-learning or secure web-based platform training please visit DLP’s Digital Video Licensing for Secure Web-Based Platforms page then contact Dennis Debbaudt at or 772-398-9756 for expanded licensing terms and price quote.

Dennis Debbaudt Background

Dennis Debbaudt’s experiences in autism and law enforcement curriculum development range from serving as a: Curriculum Review Team member and resource for Why Law Enforcement Needs To Recognize Autism developed by the Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions October 1999-the first ever autism curriculum for law enforcement; a Subject Matter Expert for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s curriculum Autism Awareness for Law Enforcement in 2017; a cited resource for the POST Field Guide: Police Response to People with Mental Illness or Developmental Disability, by the Municipal Police Officers’ Education & Training Commission, Hershey, Pennsylvania 2001; a consultant to Chicago Police Department’s autism training module in 2007; a Subject Matter Expert for California POST’s training video on autism, 2009; and development and updates of the Autism Trainer’s Guide for NYPD Command Level Instructors from 2007 through 2018.

Dennis presented the closing four hour session for the 2018 class of the FBI’s National Executive Institute for chief executives of  top level law enforcement agencies in the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. Dennis also provided a keynote address for Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge at the 2018 Arkansas Law Enforcement Summit and presented training sessions on behalf of Florida Atlantic University, Florida International University’s Embrace Program and Ohio University Police Department among many sessions during 2018.

Dennis Debbaudt is a former licensed investigative agency owner (37 years), journalist and proud parent of a son who has autism. Dennis first reported on police related autism issues in the early 1990s. He has since produced over 40 autism and law enforcement related books, chapters, reports and training videos. He resides with his wife, Gay, and son, Brad, in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.

2017 HBO short documentary report about the history of Dennis’ mission:

For inquiries, contact Dennis Debbaudt at or 772-398-9756 (Son with Autism may answer phone).

Purchase Introductory Priced Basic License

DLP Digital Training Video Two-Year Basic License & Agreement

Price: $400.00 USD

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